Oculoplastic Surgery

What’s the first thing people notice when they look at you?

Dr. Jamie Zucker Can Help You See Better and Look Better

Most people would say the first thing they notice about you are your eyes. Do your eyes make you look tired and older than you really feel? Gravity, time, and heredity have an effect on all of us, and for some people, aging comes with heavy, baggy or drooping eyelids (ptosis). For some people, it isn’t just that their eyes look older or have bags and wrinkles, but they are actually experiencing vision impairment from their droopy eyelids and excess skin.

Your vision will be compromised in one or both eyes if your lids are too low. You may have less side vision and notice that you tilt your head up to see better. Do you see better or are things brighter if you hold your lids up?

Benefits Of Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty):

  • Increased vision
  • A fresher, brighter look
  • More confidence and self assurance
  • Look younger, more alert and less tired

If you are concerned about excess skin and droopy eyelids affecting your vision and your appearance, Dr. Jamie Zucker is a highly trained and experienced physician who has performed thousands of lid surgeries in his 30+ years specializing in oculoplastic surgery of the eyelids, orbit and tearing system. These procedures can often be covered by your health insurance.

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Dr. Zucker Can Help You With

Problems that can be addressed by Dr. Zucker, our Oculoplastic Surgeon:

  • Malpositions of the eyelids – droopy (ptosis), turned out (ectropion), turned in (entropion), retracted lids such as Graves (thyroid) disease
  • Inflammations of the eyelid area -styes/chalazion/cellulitis
  • Lumps and bumps of the face and skin cancers of the face. Remember, any suspicious bump on the face may be a skin Cancer!
  • Cosmetic issues such as extra skin, wrinkles and furrows of the face, unwanted aging changes of the face, puffy lids
  • Tearing problems- tear duct blockages or infections
  • Orbital fractures
  • Thyroid eye effects- retracted lids